Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is a demo website created by WP Bubble. It is a website contained within a sandbox environment that allows for unrestricted access to install themes, plugins, and anything else a WordPress website may need.

Getting started is as easy as:

Designed for beginners testing the platform, bloggers looking for a highly optimized server, or advanced users including web designers and web developers looking to accommodate their clients, to show off plugins and themes or fully functioning websites, for short-term or long-term hosting. Keep your bubble for as little as 24 hours or for as many years as you need.

WP Bubble has several useful features including:

  • one-minute setup
  • one-click upload
  • one-click download
  • one-click ssl
  • one-click recovery
  • one-click cloning
  • one-click demo staging
  • one-click dns hosting
  • … and more!

One-minute setup

You’re busy and need a website up as soon as possible. Before you buy your domain, why not create a website beforehand to get started with a demo website?

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click upload

Have a pre-existing website or need easy migration of a WordPress database? Easily upload all of your files to a bubble, upload the database, and your website is ready.

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click download

Need to download your entire WordPress bubble right quick and in a hurry?

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click SSL

Need the stamp of approval for a secure website with SSL certification and the look of professionalism? It’s free.

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click recovery

With automated daily backups, you never have to worry about losing too much data ever again. Your bubble can be restored back to any time within the previous week.

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click cloning

Build a great website on your bubble and need to test additional changes but are afraid you might break it? Why not clone it on to another bubble?

With our one-click dns hosting solution, you can swap your domain to the new bubble, with everything completely intact, as the new website was already transferred over.

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click demo staging

Have a plugin or theme you want to show off and give your visitors the opportunity to mess around? Maybe you have a client you want to show the website to and they wish to interact with the website? Teaching a web design or WordPress class? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a WordPress website that temporarily saves changes, but then is later restored back to its original state as if nothing ever happened?

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

One-click dns hosting

Every bubble provides you with a unique subdomain, but maybe you need more. Maybe you need a domain along with hosting. Your domain can be set up through a DNS server for which it can hosted through typing in a domain that will lead directly to your bubble. Completely free dns hosting.

WP Bubble can do it in under a minute.

Additional Features

WP Bubble offers daily automatic backups of your bubble, custom domains for hosting, sFTP and SSH access, unlimited visitors, unlimited bandwidth, and unlimited bubbles. Did we mention your bubble is fast, private, and secure?

Why all these features?

WP Bubble was created by web developers for web developers who needed quick WordPress websites for clients and client requests. Beginner or experienced bloggers welcome! Having the ability to create a WordPress website on an optimized server with some of the most useful features a developer or designer can have, such as quick database recovery, cloning of a website, SSL certifications, quick downloading and uploading, hosting, and demo staging, and much more are likely to provide mostly everything needed to be a professional WordPress developer. No plugins needed.

Hop on over to the WP Bubble blog for more details & information.

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